Anyone can register trademarks.

But not everyone has a strategy to do it.

We prevent mass blind registrations by developing a tailored strategy to ensure your ideas are properly registered, providing the best protection and minimizing the risk of oppositions and extra costs.

Not any registration

Offers your desired protection.

Our aim is to change the common practice surrounding trademarks, as they are often registered en masse without providing much insight into their owners or how the associated brands will be utilized. Currently, the emphasis is placed solely on registration, but this approach is flawed. When selecting names for our products and services, our initial instinct is to secure exclusive ownership through trademark protection. However, without considering how the name fits within the broader market context or understanding its significance in a particular field, registration is merely a formality that may not guarantee protection.

We aim to collaborate with entrepreneurs who prioritize relevant name protection over blind registrations. When done correctly, this can lead to increased distinctiveness in the market, enabling the name to stand out for certain services and, most importantly, allowing for safe use of the name or symbol in any environment, ideally on an international level.

How do we work?

We involve ourselves in the initial phase of product or service design to facilitate a productive discovery stage, which enables us to develop a trademark screening and registration strategy. This approach prevents the mass registration of trademarks, which can be initially costly and result in even higher costs later on.

We help our clients differentiate their industry from others, correctly identify their target audience, evaluate their competition, and assess the potential of names or symbols to establish themselves in a given field. Our team of professionals, including experts in legal, communication and branding, design, and technology, work together to develop the best strategy for your products and services.

Early Advice for Future Strength

Registration is just one aspect of a comprehensive strategy that also aims to minimize potential conflicts with other rights holders. We prioritize in-depth research and thorough documentation, so that we can provide our clients with an early trademark registration strategy that allows them to exercise their exclusive rights over their names and symbols, ensuring they can protect their brand identity and avoid conflicts with other rights holders.
This approach helps our clients reduce the risk of oppositions, protect their brand identity, and save time and money.

Our services


preliminary trademark screening & analysis;

360 degree registration strategy for cost-effective and optimal protection;

assistance with filing, renewing, or canceling trademarks in the EU, US, or other desired territory;

experienced analysis and support in opposition, cancellation, and appeal proceedings;

strategic consultancy for trademark and domain name disputes;

expert assistance with domain name mediation, disputes, and domain name infringements;

subscription-based service for international trademark monitoring.

Working for good

Open license and

I have a background in studying open-licensed materials and have always been a supporter of an intellectual property system that fosters creativity rather than obstructing it. That's why I view work in the field of trademarks as a complement to my own ideas and beliefs. Abusive trademark registrations that impede the public domain, infringe on copyright, or unjustly appropriate legitimate domain names are challenges that I always strive to address positively.

Start-up support

Zero-cost support for innovative ideas

If you have a startup and a world-changing idea, I would be glad to support you with minimal to no cost. I offer multiple payment plans that can help reduce the financial stress associated with bringing your ideas to life.

Supporting domain name owners

Your domain name really matters

The world is changing, and the practice of favoring trademarks, which has been used abusively against legitimate domain name owners in the past, will gradually be diluted. This is evidenced by the current case law of UDRP arbitration courts and courts of law, which increasingly favor the legitimate rights of domain name owners. As someone who believes in protecting the rights of domain name owners, I am here to help and support you.

Our process


discovery phase, where we work with you to set objectives and create protection plans tailored to your needs;

preliminary trademark screening and analysis to ensure that your trademark is available for registration and does not infringe on existing trademarks;

360-degree registration strategy, which takes into account all potential obstacles and risks to ensure the best protection for your trademark;

filing trademarks within the EU and/or US, based on the registration strategy we develop;

support in opposition proceedings, should any arise;

subscription-based service for international trademark monitoring.


The founder

Monica Lupașcu

European Trademark Attorney

With over 15 years of experience in the field of intellectual property and internet law, I am a European trademark attorney and a tech legal adviser. My website,, is well-known for its original content on intellectual property, focusing on the social and business impact of digital technologies, particularly artificial intelligence.

I enjoy working with companies that have digital innovation ingrained in their DNA, as well as those that are undergoing digital transformations. My prior experience involves collaborating on new technology projects, working with clients who are preparing for the future. Additionally, I write about names and trademark disputes on my LinkedIn page. Feel free to connect with me there if you'd like to chat further.

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